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Dreamtime by Air

Specialists in air tours of Australia

We pioneered the modern all inclusive air tours of Australia more than 30 years ago.

How do our Australian air tours work?

  • All of our Australian air tours commence at SYDNEY.
  • Approximate flight time per day, on our Australian air tours, is an average of 2 hours, usually each morning.
  • Our tour aircraft link with land-based vehicles, inland watercraft and helicopters, all of which are dedicated to the itinerary of each of our Australian air tours.
  • We will show you the world's oldest undisturbed landscapes and introduce you to the world's oldest culture.
  • The word " dreamtime " refers to an Aboriginal concept explaining the mystery of life on earth.

Are our Australian air tours the best available?

Our early contact with remote communities, including Aboriginal clan groups and cattle station families, has enabled us to devise Australia's best all inclusive air tours.

Personal comfort, an acknowledged priority, is balanced with the need to access interesting remote areas so as to provide an exciting and rewarding touring experience.

air tours australia

air tours australia

air tours australia

travel air tours australia

Magnificent Australia Heritage Air Tours Pty Limited ACN 603 963 828

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