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Our Founder

On 11 February 1987 the Herald Travel Editor Ben Sandilands published the following statement in the Sydney Morning Herald daily newspaper, in respect of Mr David Marks, the founder and a director of our air-touring organisation:
" The idea of using a plane like a tour coach has gone further in Australia than anywhere else in the world, Concorde Charters notwithstanding... A Sydney lawyer and bushwalker, Mr David Marks, may well be the pioneer of the concept..."


Tour Aircraft

It is only because our groups are compact (17 passengers maximum) and because the twin-engine aircraft dedicated to our tours have a shorter landing and take-off capability, that access to the truly remote regions is available to you. The aircraft, which we normally dedicate to our tours, include Navajo Chieftains the same type of plane used by the Flying Doctor Service of Australia. The tour aircraft are under the control of experienced commercial pilots.


Our policy in limiting the size of our groups, and of the tour aircraft, is dictated by our desire to maintain quality of experience for our small group air tours e.g. remote cattle station airstrips cannot accommodate large planes; and such stations cannot accommodate large groups.


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