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Air Tours of Australia

We claim to have developed the best integrated air tour available in Australia

This means that we respond, better than other air touring companies,
to the available opportunities not only to view Australia's ancient and diverse landscapes from the air,
but also to see them on the ground in the company of locally based experts.


Remote Areas - Ancient Secrets Revealed

For over half a billion years, Australia's astonishing landscapes of exquisite beauty and spectacle have been cut from the raw formations of the planet.

Over the last 40,000 years Aboriginal people have discovered and cherished the very best places of beauty, spectacle and interest which the Australian continent can offer.

Until relatively recent times these special places have remained a secret, known only to Aboriginal people.

Our Claim

By using carefully developed techniques and skills we have been able to identify these special places. By a gradual and benign process of arrangement with Aboriginal people living near these special places we have been able to include these hidden destinations in our air tours.

If you come with us your experience will indeed be special. You may well be astonished. Most are.

Your Personal Comfort - A Balanced Itinerary

Your personal comfort is kept in balance with the need to access remote areas for the exceptional itineraries of our air tours. This outcome is made possible by skill and knowledge developed over many years and the use of appropriate forms of transport.

Our air tours:

  • are comfortable and accommodated
  • include varied accommodation types located directly in the areas of interest
  • visit areas of contemporary and historical interest
  • visit Aboriginal communities, and rock painting sites
  • visit remote non-Aboriginal communities descended from European settlers
  • stay on remote cattle stations in northern Australia
  • utilise locally based guides, who provide expert or informed commentary.

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